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Monday, October 6, 2014

Maugaon or Lhayul (new name) No Longer a Safe Heaven.

Maugaon under Doban Gewog (Chhodzom New name) under Sarpang Dzongkhag which was considered a safe haven as far as security, spirituality, and social harmony among the people of the village is concerned. I am 44 years old and  as far as I know  being born and brought up in the village having  constant touch with recent developments  in the village and updating information through my regular visits although staying away from the village for my job . I am still  considering Maugaon to be one of the finest village in the country not because I belong to it but because social harmony among the community, the close ties each family maintains with their neighbour, the peaceful social gatherings like marriage parties, puran, other customary celebrations where whole village is involved throughout day and night with various entertainments like Bhajan and kirtan, dances etc, where no household  remains uninvited. In the gatherings the small talks of the villagers like their cows ,oxen, cardamom  and the laughter and the echoes from the mountains across Maukola adds to the simplicity of the life that has been enjoyed in the village  for decades has not changed at all.

But the recent development that has taken place on the dassai night where a village early man has been beaten mercilessly with planks and bottoms by forming a gang for little misunderstanding that has happened during the day on a marriage party is very hard to digest for everyone who belongs to the village.  I have been receiving numerous calls for people narrating the incident in detail. The victim is undergoing treatment in Gelephu Hospital and his condition still critical. I tried to talk to him in the phone but he could not speak and I talked with his elder brother that was very sad to learn. Everybody knows everybody in the village staring from kids to the elders and there is a relationship with each other like maternal or fraternal or others established relationships like mitdaju, mitbhai, even across the different caste that is cherished whole heartedly.

When we have maintained such close relationships even if not connected by blood, why such heinous act has happened in the village? Is this the outcome of the developments that has taken place in recent years like coming up of the road, electricity, dish TVs, shop etc?  I am afraid the answer lies hidden very deep and many things need to be improved immediately starting from local governance to the state rules on the use of banned substances to alcohol if we want our glory back.  The school drop outs needs good check from their parents and administration should not spare for any crime that is committed. When seven people were hand cuffed and taken by the police for crime committed on that night that the village shook as many of the villagers have not seen handcuffs in their entire life time as these equipments were never required for the Maugaon till date I am told by many elderly people. I just wish this incident is taken very seriously and actions accordingly taken so that Maugaon have its glory back without such crimes in future. This is an introduction chapter for the crime committed and the conclusion must be written here itself if want peace in the village.